LV Business Card Holder Vernis Amarante

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  1. :biggrin: just bought this today at the George Street Louis Vuitton store here in Sydney :heart:

  2. Twins! Love it :smile:
  3. Can this hold credit cards or loyalty cards? Or is this specifically for just bussiness/dr "paper type" card?
  4. Triplets!!! Congrats, this piece is one of my favs!!
  5. Congrats! I wish they came out with more colours in this already... would love to add one to my collection as an even smaller wallet compared to my zcp...
  6. +1
    I would love to know this as well!
  7. Gorgeous color! Congratulations!
  8. Love the card holder..congrats.
  9. +2!
  10. It can hold credit cards and loyalty cards ... It fits alot :smile:
  11. Thanks !
  12. Love it! Congrats!
  13. Congrats...
  14. Nice congratulations
  15. does anyone have a pic with credit cards/etc inside? thanks.