LV Bucket no longer popular?

  1. I was at an upscale Toronto shopping mall the other day carrying my large LV bucket bag and was looking at some shoes in Capezio. One girl came up to me and said "you realize the bucket's been out for years right? Plus yours is so fake it's hilarious". I just smiled at her because she was carrying a VERY fake Manhattan GM (the L was higher than the V which was kind of funny) so I just said to her that I personally think that the buckets are classic and won't ever go out of style and that my bag was definately real.

    Anybody else think that the bucket is outdated or tacky now?
  2. The bucket is classic- and not outdated at all. The only thing that is tacky is the person that made those comments. :yes:
  3. Another person's comments shouldn't really matter... I mean you bought the bag and you're wearing it becuase YOU like it, right?
  4. I can't believe those people just come up to you and say such things. I never had any experience with those type people but If I ever did I'm gonna tell them off. Also tell them to burn their fake purse. :cursing:
  5. Some people have no class at all. Kudos to you for maintaining your composure and cool!
    The petite bucket in mono is VERY high on my wishlist and is a top contender for my next purchase since I need a shoulder LV! And I certainly don't believe that I am unstylish! :roflmfao:
  6. That was rude of her to say that to you! And she was carrying a fake! Maybe truly she just wanted your bag because it was real. haha
  7. Yep, same here. My SA was telling me how timeless and classic this bag is....sorry you had to deal with an rude and disrespectful person like this...
  8. No, it had nothing to do with that, I'm just wondering if anybody else felt the same way.
  9. Yeah, 100 years, b*tch! :cursing:
  10. Also, it doesn't really matter what's "popular", does it?
  11. I honestly can not believe that somebody had the gull to come up to you and say something like this.:shocked: I hardly think that if the bucket was that outdated/tacky LV would have chosen it to become a part of it's frange line.

  12. What is this all about??? Yikes....:wtf: I get it...
  13. I don't care what others think about my bag. The bucket style may not popular recently but I would say that it still looks classic.

    Although, I am not a fan of bucket style. I still have one cherises bucket bag and I think it is cute. I would more prefer speedy.
  14. That's what my snotty response would have been. In my head. If someone was that rude to me.
  15. I like the large bucket....I'd like to get it someday, it is classic!
    I can't believe people actually come up to other people to make comments like that! They must be really insecure. You handled it like a true lady!