LV Bucket Bag (help)

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  1. Alright, so the long and short of it:

    There's this little old lady who runs a very upscale resale shop in my hometown.

    I've gotten authentic Kate Spade bags from her in the past (for $30 or $40, no less!!!). She usually has no idea what she's got in the handbag department! And a lot of the wealthy ladies from this area (many of whom moved here from New York and California to try "the country thing") resell their things at her shop.

    I was in there Tuesday and spotted a large LV bucket bag! And I don't know if it's real or fake.

    It looks fabulous. The vachetta has even started to turn honey-colored on it. But I don't have a cell phone camera and I couldn't take pics!

    The inside zipper compartment was the kind that's surrounded by leather with the Louis Vuitton made in France stamped on it, and the zipper pull looks like authentic Louis Vuitton, but I can't be sure. Can anyone tell me more about this bag? What the lining is supposed to be, how to tell if it's fake? It's an older bag and I know back then they didn't use the leather that gets the patina, on fakes. Does anyone have this bag? Talk to me!

    Help! Because for $65, if it's real, it's SO mine.
  2. bump bump... anybody?
  3. My bucket is only 6 months and has a patch pocket on the other sidewall from the zip pocket. This is one of the few lv that does have feet. I don't know if this is the same in the older models. For 65 dollars I think I would take a chance. What is her return policy? Maybe you could buy it and bring it to lv and see what they say. Does it still have it's matching pochette inside?
  4. For 65 bucks, just buy it and see!
  5. It doesn't have the matching pochette. I looked for the date code because I heard there should have been a leather thing with a D-ring on it, and there WAS at one time, but the leather thingy with the D-Ring on it was apparently torn out because the stitching there on the inside of the bag is open a bit, right where the ring should be. That's the only flaw I could find on the bag, for being vintage it looks great!

    It does have the patch pocket you mentioned, DCooney. I'd estimate the bag is probably 4-5 years old if not older. The patina was lovely. Unfortunately I think the closest LV is at LEAST 500 miles away from me :sad: I'm in the boondocks, Arkansas.
  6. I've had my large bucket for over a year now. My interior is that vuittonite, which is a washable vinyl type lining. Gosh, for $65, I don't think you can lose.
  7. If you will really use it I say go for it. Put your stuff in it at the store if it feels good on get it. Good luck.
  8. If it looks real (that said, not obviously fake), for those $65 I'd take a chance and then post it here to see what the experts says.
  9. That's what the interior is, that vinyl type vuittonite you are referring to... OMG, I think it might be real...... trying SO hard not to get excited!!! LOL!
  10. Hi Sarah

    I have just sold one on eBay and have lots of close up pics of mine, would you like me to PM the link to you?
  11. Thanks so much! ^^

    Alright, that does it, I'm buying the thing. I'll post pics when I have it my greedy little hands!
  12. For future reference, please post ALL authentcity questions in the "Authenticate this Louis Vuitton" sticky under the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" section. Thanks! ;)
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