LV bubble ring & earring?

  1. Hi there,

    you know where I can find bubble ring and earring in states right now, please?...I am traveling to states in a few days>.< I hope I can get them for my present...if you know the price, that would be even better!! I appreciate it~:yes:
  2. I'm not sure which stores have them, you'd have to go to a store and see if they can order them for you. I know that the earrings come in a set of 2 pairs and are about $250US, the ring is $125US.
  3. I got one last week (the transparent one in med 200.00$usd for ring) on e- luxury.if there are of stock they replish fast. beacuse since I bought, i since them in and out. so keep and eye and the stores also have them.. The earring around same price range..Good luck and Have fun
  4. I've seen both style rings on elux recently.....
  5. i saw the bubble ring at the orlando Millenia Mall yesterday =) didn't look around too much though so i didn't se the other stuff much
  6. ^^the transparent and the pink^^^ lv babydoll
  7. You're welcome! :heart:
  8. The boutique in Santa Clara, California had quite a few bubble pieces on display. I only did a quick glance over that section, but I remember seeing bracelets & rings. Hope you find one wherever you're going! :tup: