LV Bubble Earrings

  1. I recently noticed one of my bubble earrings had a whole in the bottom towards the base. I took it back to LV and they replaced it. But I had to examine 3 different pairs while there before picking the one I was most satisfied with. The two other pairs I looked at also had wholes in the earrings towards the base of the earrings, the third which I took did not. I also notiticed that the pair of earrings were different sizes meaning that one earring is a lot bigger/smaller than the other. It's not noticeable if you are wearing it, but if you look at them side by side, you'll see what I'm talking about. Has anyone else noticed this?

    If you have the earrings, can you take a look and let me know. I'm a perfectionist, and stuff like this bothers me. Do you think its another of their quality issues or is it just my bad luck?:sad:
  2. I just checked and i don't have those holes..

    However, when i bought my clear inclusion bracelet, some of the "jewels" were not aligned in their holes correctly, so i had to take the display one instead
  3. I haven't noticed because I only have the rings..but I don't think its a quality issue, I believe it's because of the way they're made. You can't really guarantee a perfect Bubble example is with the Inclusion pieces also. Some have had tiny bubbles, some have had discolorations in the acrylic, etc. It just depends on how the acrylic is formed and how it sets.
    As long as you can't see it when you're wearing them then I really wouldn't worry about it.
  4. sorry, I dunno anything, but wow, I'm surprized that they took it back and replaced it... I thought things like earrings, underwear, swimwear, and sometimes shoes cannot be exchanged/returned for many stores due to hygenic reasons.......:shrugs:
  5. I never wore them though, don't know if that makes a difference. I was going to wear them, when I noticed the holes!
  6. I did notice that with the bubble but thought it came with it anyway. With the inclusions, only the transparent seems to have the hole issues. I finally found one without the cracks.
  7. I didn't notice any hole on mine and the size of the bubbles look same.
  8. I got a good pair now, but I had to search for them. The hole bothered me so I had to find a pair without the holes.