LV Bubble Earrings

  1. I am loving the LV bubble earrings in the Berry color. Saw them on
    Anyone knows how much they are?
  2. They're $250 for 2 pairs (they come in sets of 2 pairs only)..let me find the link I'm looking for and I'll post it here.
  3. I like they are around $200?? Somehting like that
  4. any one got pics?
  5. ^^They're either in the link that I posted above or in the Bubble club in the clubs area.
  6. Oh good deals. $200 for 2 pairs aint bad I guess. Now I see the pic of the ring I would like that as well ahahaha. Man, am I greedy or what.

    Thanks LVbabydoll.
  7. i absolutely love the bubbles, but nobody ever sees my earrings because my hair covers it. except for the earring on the top of my ear but only a little.
    maybe i should get a
  8. Btw, does any one know the conversion of the size?
    Like what size is 50? Is that a 6?
  9. The only rings that come in sizes are the Inclusions rings, not the Bubble rings. Those are adjustable..I have 2 and you just bend them to fit your finger.
    Anyway I believe it's a 5 or a 6...I'm waiting for my Pomme ring in the 53 so I can wear it on my index finger and I usually take a 6/7 on that finger.
  10. *sigh* I love the bubbles jewelry but the bracelets and ring do look a little odd for me and I have long, straight hair which I wish I had time to put up every day (whereas people spend hours straightening their hair! LOL!) so getting the earrings is useless for me :sad:
  11. I love the earrings but same as the others say, my hair just covers it anyway. I can't even enjoy looking at it in my mirror.
  12. 250 for a pair isn;'t bad, but i wish there was a pair that didn't include pink!
  13. eBay has an auction listing up for ONE brand new pair, Item number: 150096017642

    They are $166

    But shipping insurance is NOT offered AND the person writes "Not responsible for lost mail"...... WELL THEN OFFER AN INSURANCE OPTION DUMMY!

    Anyway, they are beautiful and subtle.