LV Brown envelopes legit?

  1. Hi everyone i'm still new here and i'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right place. (if i'm wrong, someone please correct me)

    Anyway I was just wondering...Does LV ever include one of those brown envelopes with any purchase? I sure have never received one. I only get the two tags, care booklet if lucky and sometimes a letter from the SA inside a cream colored envelope. Here's a pic from an eBay auction

    item # 320126595339

    thanks everyone. (excuse me if the link doesn't work, im not very computer savvy)
  2. I've never received those. The wallet is fake BTW.
  3. I have received a brown envelope like that, but like Lee said, that wallet is fake.

    My inclusion bracelet rose PM was placed into an old small accessory dustbag, put in one of those brown envelopes, and they placed a sticker to seal it. I didn't get a box, and the brown envelope was what I got instead.
  4. Those particular envelopes are fake. LV never puts those with anything so if you see them, stay away.

    Karman, I know which you're talking about, it's larger and is like the smallest bag without handles, just a flap that goes over it. :yes:
  5. Thanks you guys, I really aprreciate it.
  6. Yep- LV care cards and receipts never come in little brown envelopes like that. All my LV receipts have come in little cream colored envelopes with "Louis Vuitton" in the upper left hand corner.
  7. Yup yup those are the ones...I've never seen those before before I actually got one.
  8. Lol me neither. I got one of my pieces in just that one time (I think it was one of my Cles) and I was kind of surprised they'd wrap it that way.
  9. I have never gotten one.
  10. i've gotten one of those before too for my mandarin wallet a few years ago. no box but just the envelope that is sticky sealed on the back.
  11. weird, all my reciepts are ussally just folded and given to me! me and my bf just had a discussion about that haha he was making fun of lv because they didnt give an envelope for the reciepts. not that it matters but he was like see dont u like gucci better they at least give envelopes for the reciepts shoo lv doesnt even do that

    hahaha dont ask, we talk about weird stuff!
  12. one time in las vegas when i bought the speedy azur the sa tried to send my speedy home w/the big brown wrap, but i asked for a box. also i only receive the cream envelope when i buy from hawaii, i think in the continental US, they don't supply the envelope. (i still prefer lv over gucci, luvednotspoiled even w/o the envelope!)
  13. All Hong Kong LV stores put their receipts in nice long cream envelopes :smile:
  14. This weekend the store gave me a huge brown envelope bag for my Reade PM!
  15. Lol I rarely get anything for my receipts. Recently though I did get 2 of the holders with the Azur bags on it but other than that, I never have.