LV Brown box

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  1. Hi TPFers,

    I just bought the Eva not too long ago. Just want to check with those who own an eva... does it come with the LV brown box or just the dust cloth?

    For mine they just put it in a dust cloth...:sad:
  2. I bought a Rubis Epi Bowler Montaigne and requested a box. They told me they no longer box items unless requested but that it is no problem.
  3. yep, you have to either request a box or state that it is a gift.
  4. A lot of times you have to ask for a box.
  5. yep, I asked and got one. It looks lovelier with the box and the string they wrapped it with.
  6. You can ask your SA for a box for your Eva.
  7. all of my LV's came in a brown box- whether i pick up or order
  8. i think the sales ascociates are just being lazzy when they dont do that in houston they only have me boxes for my inclision bracelts .. i was mad . but yea pure lazy
  9. Hi,

    Please do a search on this... this topic has been covered MANY times in the past.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.