LV Briefcase for women

  1. I'm looking for a feminine briefcase. Anyone has any suggestions??
  2. Epi: Lozan 1650
    Mono-Ported-document pegase 1090
    Soft Briefcase 1270
    Marelle Sac a Dos 1010
    Epi/Mono/Damier: Sac Plat 1180(Epi GM), 1090 (Epi Pm soft), Mono(845), Damier(890):heart:
  3. Epi Riviera.
  4. My fav is the kasbek pm:heart:
  5. pucca4321~do you want traditional briefcase (hard case, close completely), zipped, or open top for quick access?
  6. Thanks everyone!

    Classic Chic - I prefer something non-traditional, more feminine but looks professional. Preferable with strap. Actually the soft briefcase looks pretty nice.
  7. no problem! If you want, check out, it's the one and only legit site to sell brand new LV, it gives you details in each one i've mentioned, you can search by price or by different line, if you are lucky, some might have interior view, or you can check out LV's website. Welcome to tPF!
  8. I have the soft briefcase in epi leather and I love it! Get compliments on it every time I use it.
  9. If you don't mind the mono, I also suggest the Soft Briefcase. I think it looks really elegant and professional. I also suggest the Damier or Epi Sac Plat even though they don't have straps.
  10. I love the Monceau. Size: 11"x8.3"x2.2", has shoulderstrap.
    The epi version is $2.030, but could be found on eBay - they pop up every now and then, as does the mono version. I couldn't find the mono Monceau on elux or, so maybe it has bees discontinued.

    (pics from
    monomonceau.jpg epimonceau.jpeg
  11. i was going to suggest the Epi Sorbonne or a Damier/Epi Sac Plat. but if you want shoulder carry, how about the Damier Chelsea or Vernis Stillwood Vertical ?