LV Brentwood.....Yea or Nah?

  1. I've wanted one of these bags for awhile now. I LOVE the fact that they can be carried on the shoulder. I just bought a LV Chelsea Damier bag - - - LOVE the Damier + vachetta leather BUT the bag is really HUGE. Didn't realize it was that big. Or maybe did, but was hoping IRL it wouldn't be so large. So I started looking again at the Brentwood. Two listed on eBay right now. One is authentic, but quite used for the price (IMO, but others please tell me if I'm wrong) and not too sure on the second. What I'm looking for is owners of the Brentwood. Is it a great bag or just a "so-so" bag?
  2. The Brentwood is the only Vernis bag that I actually like so it's a "YEA" for me!
  3. brentwood is THE Vernis bag, totally better than houston b/c it's bigger and allow u to adjust the straps.
  4. I like the Brentwood, but the interior is textile, not leather like the Houston. I like the leather interior on the Houston better, but I like the size of the Brentwood.
  5. I really like the brentwood.
  6. The Brentwood is SOOO comfortable! Good luck!
  7. I really like the brentwood.
  8. i love it! its my favorite vernis bag!
  9. Love the bag- hope you go for it
  10. I don't own one, but I've been having my eye on one for a while!
  11. Do go for the brentwood. It's practical and yet brilliant in the vernis shine and colour.
  12. brentwood vote here!
  13. I like the brentwood a lot, especially in pomme.
  14. I like the look of the Houston more...