LV brea or SL mini cabas

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  1. Hi, I have posted this question on LV forum but I put it here again to be fair. I really hope you could help me with some advices.

    I have wanted a new LV bag for sometime, and mostly checking their forum. I decided either to buy new Brea in vernis or NF mm + Speedy 35, almost decide to purchase Brea next week.

    But today, I called and talked with my trusted sa at the local
    department store, who know me well. She recommended me to get the mini Cabas in royal blue because it will fit my frame better and she knows that I love blue :smile:. The problem is I can not go to the store to try it. have to order by phone and they send home to me.

    I know they are very different bags but I will use for the same purpose for going out or weekend. I would like to ask which one do you think should I get first? I can only buy one this year! Thank you in advance.
  2. I love the cabas and that color is beautiful
  3. My preferences -

    1) SL cabas chyc
    2) LV NF + Speedy
    3) LV Brea

    Good luck!
  4. Thank you, I will try cabas in real at least, can't let this blue out of my head :smile:
  5. Yes, I love love that blue :smile:
  6. SL Cabas. LV Brea seems too "rigid" for my taste and SL is more chic imo. Good luck deciding!
  7. The SL in that blue is beautiful but beware the leather is prone to scratches and nicks. It's not as durable as your LV alternatives. I really really wanted to get somehing in that SL blue until my SA showed me a display bag and then I was :wtf: But if you baby your bags, it shouldn't be an issue.
  8. Oh, thank you so much for replying! I usually commute with bus/train and not so careful with my bags, maybe not good idea to get SL then. Another concern is that I saw one video on youtube with this bag in a very bad shape, I don't know if its easy to get slouchy?
  9. You're welcome. I'm sorry I couldn't bring better news. I love that blue so much and was planning to get the Y Chyc clutch, but my SA was honest when I asked her about the durability of the leather. She said some of her customers have complained about that leather looking worn out in a few weeks/months.

    If you're planning to get the LV instead, better do it quick because the prices are going up in a few days!