LV Brass tarnish on speedy?? what to do?

  1. hello,
    just wondering if any1 have epi speedy and the brass buckle, on the bag, which holds the handle and bag...if it ever tarnish and why does it have green tarnish color around it? how to clean it? also, how to polish the brass (not sure about material) of it??? thx
  2. I do not have an epi speedy, but I do have it in mono. My brass has not tarnished at all..I would suggest taking it to an LV boutique if there is one near you, or call 1866 Vuitton before trying to fix it yourself. They may be able to tell you what to do, or if it is a defect they may replace the bag. You do not want to try to fix it yourself before contacting them b/c if you accidently make it worse, they may be more reluctant to help.
  3. I have a keepall, and after a recent trip, it was tarnished, I e-mailed LV and they said to use a metal polish, BUT be careful not to get any of the polish on the leather or canvas!!
    Just to be sure, I would call or e-mail LV and ask them what to do...or take it into your local LV botique and show them, maybe they will do it for you!
    Hope you get it off!
  4. get some brass cleaner. i use the stuff i clean the bottom of my copper pots/pans with. i forget the name but it works like a charm! oh, make sure to take the lock off the bag first ;)
  5. thanks about around the round brass on the bag?? why does it have green gunk around it?
  6. The brass on my mono Speedy is also tarnished, it's normal though.:yes: I don't know about the green stuff... maybe try brass clean?? Good luck!