LV Brass Hardware turn color

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  1. I've purchased a LV Damier Triana bag awhile back ago. I notice that the brass hardware on the zipper is turning to a dull/silvery color. Does anyone have the same problem. I would think that the amount that we spend, LV could afford to make solid brass or even solid 14K gold hardwares instead of brushed-on brassy color. It makes my bag looks old and cheap. I notice that the hardware on my other bags have a better brass quality that doesn't turn. Do LV make their hardware differently in differ bags?
  2. Same here! I had the zipper of one of my bags replaced for this reason.
  3. Hi Lia, Where did get the zipper replaced? LV store or somewhere else. Just incase, I needed to check mine and I just thought about it when I read this thread! Thanks.
  4. honestly I think lv does things like that or the patina to be sure that people come back to get things replaced as well........OR get the same model again!
    honestly! Do you know how many people get their handles/zippers replaced? and it´s VERY expensice to do so..........
  5. i thought a zipper only cost $25. at least that's what i was told.
  6. That's a rip off then. I guess we are the ones to blame for continuing to support them. Do you know how much to replace an average LV zipper?
  7. You see, things like that make me not want to get another LV bag ever agan. If I am going to dish out that much it better last. This is SUPPOSE to be and investment piece. What type of investment is it to have a bag and change pieces of it ( WITH HIGH COST) Through out the life of the bag??

    I have a Manhattan PM and you can see now how this is a little upsetting to me. I would probably sell it just for this fact.
  8. My zipper is turning silvery now. I wont replace it until it turns all the way.
  9. The zippers on my year-and-a-half-old bag haven't turned "silvery" but it does have a dull tarnished look to it. Kind of like the color of when the oils from fingerprints make stains on metal.
  10. Is it a brass coating, then? Does it rub off? Or is it more of a tarnishing thing?
  11. Thats a shame. My 16 year old speedy 25 never turned a silver color. A little discolor on the lock but I expected that. One would think they would use solid brass. I have never seen brass turn a silver color.
  12. I rather meant removing the handles etc too........or better said: getting ehm replced
  13. I'm sure that they aren't made with a much quality as they were years ago. (doesn't seem like anything is anymore)
  14. my mother's 20ish year old LV speedy was sent into LV for repairs....she left the thing in her closet for years and like green rust developed on the hardware and stuff.....when it came back the bag was shininy.....everything had been polish and it looked like for the lock and such (since it's not attached to any leather) i find toothpaste worked in with your fingers works really well (just like it does on sterling silver)
  15. The LV site describes the bags as having "Golden brass pieces" so that is really weird about the silvery colour. Any scientists here who can say for sure if brass ever tarnishes into a silver colour?