LV Bracelet or Tiffany Bracelet? Please help me decide.

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Which one would you rather get?

  1. Alma Bracelet

    1 vote(s)
  2. Return to Tiffany Multi Tag Bracelet

    12 vote(s)
  3. None

    1 vote(s)
  1. Which one would you rather get? LV Alma bracelet or Return to tiffany multi tag bracelet. You can either vote or if you want to include why to the comment below that will help me a lot., Price point is really close too.3408481[/ATTACH] return-to-tiffany-multi-heart-tag-bracelet-35236147_950678_ED.jpg louis-vuitton-alma-bracelet-leather-bracelets--M6220F_PM2_Front%20view.jpg return-to-tiffany-multi-heart-tag-bracelet-35236147_950678_ED.jpg
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  2. I would go for the tiffany and co. in this case,
    1 - quality wise the tiffany would last longer, in this case.
    2 - gold look is not preferred, iff gold, i would go for at least 18k gold, not the look a like gold.
    3 - pricewise, the tiffany is more for the money in this case.
  3. I would go with the LV bracelet or a different Tiffany bracelet -- the multi-tag has too much going on.
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  4. If it's between these two, I'd get the Tiffany. I always think LV jewelries are overprice. They are not known for their jewelry, but rather their leather goods. Tiffany & Co. has been around forever when it comes to jewelry. They also have services on cleaning and repair.
  5. True, but Tiffany is overpriced as well. LV also has excellent repair services.
  6. Tiffany hands down.
  7. Tiffany.! With Tiffany you are getting sterling silver a semi-precious metal for the price. With LV it will be a gold overlay of some kind of metal and some leather and canvas.
  8. Both are cute. I voted for the Tiffany bracelet because it's silver vs the LV bracelet is considered fashion/costume jewelry. Good luck deciding!
  9. I agree it is too busy for me :shocked:
  10. I think youll get your moneys worth more with a tiffany although I suggest a different bracelet?
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