LV Boxes

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  1. There was a thread a while ago about whether LV boxes came with a purchase on eLux. When it didn't, several people suggested going to the store and asking for one. I got my Speedy shipped to me from my store (they didn't have the 40 at the moment I was there) and it didn't come with the box so I called and asked if I could get a box for it. They said that they have boxes where I could put the Speedy in folded and I could bring my receipt and pick it up. I just said okay but got confused, I thought they had big boxes where the Speedy could fit in unfolded. Or am I dreaming?
  2. For both Speedy 25 and 30, when I had ordered them from Elux, they came in LV boxes, but were folded flat. Only when I had ordered Papillon 30 it came in a huge box. I think b/c they can't fold the papillon b/c it's more structured.
  3. Hrm.. I don't think they give that size box out for the speedy. I mean, speedies come folded, so if they were to give that box out, they would have to unfold the speedy, have it hanging out of the dustbag and the such for the box.
  4. Gotcha. I was just wondering as I saw some pictures floating around of Speedies with huge boxes. Thanks for the info!
  5. A little off the topic: how do you guys store your Speedies? Do you guys fold them at all?
  6. Stuffed full of old work shirts and in a pillowcase. I wish they would actually give a dustbag that holds an "expanded" speedy !! :suspiciou My popincourt haut's bag is actually the perfect size for the 25.. and the dustbag for the speedy might as well be for a pochette !!
  7. LOL, I know what you mean! My Speedy 40's lines are just about gone....I don't want them back! Thanks for letting me know! I have sweaters in mine right now.
  8. I fold mine when I don't use it.
    Otherwise it takes up too much room in my closet (I wish I can fold my MC speedy!!!:lol: )
  9. I got a huge box when I bought my Speedy 40, but it was in the dust bag and folded the LV way, the way LV addicts is folded, I fold it back in the traditional LV fold when not in use.