lv boxes??

  1. im just wondering about the boxes. do you get them when your order from eluxury? im new to lv and i just purchased 2 items at the store and both times i didnt get a box. is it because some bags dont have boxes?
  2. i know the ones from eluxury come with boxes. I think you have to request a box when you're at the store (except for somethings like wallets, they come in boxes automatically). Both bags i bought for myself didn't come in boxes, but the bag my DH bought for me did cause it was a gift.
  3. Everything should get a box! I would call the store and ask them for one....alot of times they won't give you one unless you ask (I always ask!).
    As for Eluxury...yes you'll get a Louis Vuitton box!
  4. I have bought from both elux and the LV boutique and have always gotten boxes. Maybe your store was just out--? Tho that doesn't make sende...
  5. thanks for the replys. also im wondering is it normal for the lv zipper to look a little dull reminding me of hairline scratches or just doesnt look completly new?? or does it mean someone might of returned the bag??
  6. When I bought my duomo, I noticed my zipper was dull. It bugged me for a while, but the entire rest of the bag looked pristine, so I didn't press the issue. I started a thread one time on the shininess of our lv zippers. Sometimes they just aren't shiny. :sad:
  7. My SA asked me if i wanted a box for my bag, ofcourse i said yes! I thought that was actually nice of them to ask instead of waiting for me to ask!! So yeah they should've given you a box or offered atleast. Next time, just ask, it won't hurt, you're paying that much already.
  8. Mine came with a box from Eluxury. At the store I had to ask for one.
  9. The bags I bought recently (within the last 1.5 yrs) I got boxes for, but previously I didn't.

    Maybe it depends on the bag? I bought an Epi speedy and I don't know if they have that big of a box for it...
  10. All of my purchases have come with boxes - bandeu, pochette, and two speedies.
  11. My speedy doesn't come with a box. Onatah did and smaller items did as well. The SA told me that some does and some doesn't. But if it's a gift, they will provide a box. I'm sure you can request for a box.
  12. I always have to ask for a box. I tell them that it is a present and then they tie a pretty bow on the box, like that when I come home and open the box it feels a little like christmas to me!:P
  13. Yes. After horrible packing my keepall only in evenlope in Vienna and the same with Olav in Milan store I'm always asking for box!!!!
  14. Oh... those LV envelopes... they're pretty to look at, yes, but no good at all for packaging expensive merchandise.
    Once a s.a. in training wanted to wrap a Cles in such an envelope, and I stopped her by asking what on earth she was thinking/doing.
  15. mine always came with boxes when i purchase at the store (or i ask for them if the SA didn't give me one). i love those boxes!