lv boxes

  1. i know this is a really dumb question, but how do lv boxes look like? i purchased 2 things from the store and i got no boxes. what's so great about the boxes and any pics? i'm just really curious.
  2. So many different type of boxes..I think someone here has all the boxes in their closet..
  3. Actually before when I first bought my LV (my cherry blossom pochette) I never got a box so I wondered if you had to ask. Also when I bought my Cabas Mezzo about 2 years ago I never got a box but I never thought about it. After that I got boxes automatically. I guess it's just nice to have the box since you're paying that much for the bag anyway and it's great to store away your bags in.

  4. SA didn't recommend to store the bag in the box because leather needs to breath.. I don't store them in the box only in the dustbag..
  5. Oh ok then don't store your bags in there lol was just a thought. I usually don't do that anyway I just throw the box in the closet cuz I keep most of my bags out all over the floor anyway cuz I switch everyday.
  6. I don't get boxes either. I guess cuz my SAs know I have to travel with my purchase and the box will take up too much space.
    I want a box this weekend though!
  7. when i order online i get a box....i like it because they are so hard and sturdy but i dont keep my bags in a makeup artist so i keep some of my makeup in some and then like paperwork like reciepts and stuff in others.
  8. What are you getting ? :graucho:
  9. So do you have to explicitly ask for a box? I never got one either :sad:
  10. haha, i'm so curious about it, so do they have like a lid or something like a marc jacobs hat box or like a stupid gucci paper folding one?
  11. Yeah I was going to ask about that, when I got my lockit from the LV store in short hills, I didn't get a box, only the bag was in it's dustbag and they packed the shipping box with paper. The groom agenda didn't come with a box either. I was expecting boxes with LV ribbons tied around them.:sad: oh well:s
  12. I think it depends on how well the SA knows you and how much you buy as to getting boxes or not.
    My first bag was a white MC alma and it just had some of the brown LV paper around it.:confused1:

    This time the SA even packaged my agenda refills in a box with leather tie around it.
  13. I was told ELUX always arrive in a box? I sure hope this is true!
  14. i automatically get a box now.. but i had to ask for it before.

    to answer the OP's question:

    currently, they are made of dark brown, almost chocolate color.. very sturdy and hard cardboard box.. the inside is the same color, unless you get the drawer style boxes.. well actually.. all of them are the same. the bottom half of the box is a tan color for the inside, and the dark brown on the outside. the top of the box has the words "LOUIS VUITTON" in black font across it.

    i use my boxes to keep my reciepts in. :smile:

  15. Yup! :yes: