LV Boxes

  1. When I bought my pochette it didn't come with a box, it was just put in a dustbag and then in this like ...bag that folded over at the top, and then in the shopping bag.
    I see all these lovely boxes that some members get with their purchases, was mine supposed to come with one?
  2. not unless you ask for it.
  3. You have to ask for one when you buy your bag.
  4. Ohh thank you. Do you think if I went back and asked they would give me one?
  5. It also depends on your sa too. If you are regular customer, you will get the box, no question asked.. as your SA know you would want the box to keep the bags in. but if you are not regular or if you do not have regular sa that you go to, the sa might decline it, saying that they are out of stock on those boxes.
  6. I highly doubt it... but you can try. If you go back to the same SA, he/she might remember you and might give it to you.

    GOod luck. Try to find the same SA who sells the bag to you.
  7. Okay, I guess its not that big of a deal, thanks for your help.
  8. Yeah, it depends on the store & SA. Even when I asked for one, they said they didn't have any:sad2:
  9. I didn't get a box either coz they said there was no box big enough for the Saleya GM. I was already waiting for a while for them to wrap the bag in plain paper and I had to leave. I am gonna INSIST on a box before they wrap if/when I get LV next time.
  10. I think that is what they give you if you buy pochette coz I got the same folded bag.
  11. Whenever I purchase something I tell them its a gift!
  12. When I bought my Babylone, I specifically asked for a box. I know the sales associate wasn't thrilled as it was obvious the bag was for me, but tough, it's my $1,000+, and I use it to store the bag under my bed.
  13. Oh wow... you would think for the amount you're spending, they wouldn't be stingy about the boxes. I guess I can be a horrible customer. I usually ask for box or extra tissue, etc, with purchases at department stores, etc... if they don't oblige nicely, I tell them I've changed my mind about the purchase and walk off.
  14. I think mine just came in a box, because I ordered it from Elux.
  15. It depends on the SA. Some will automatically put it in a box, some will ask if you want a box, and some just don't give boxes. Whenever they ask if I want a box, I refuse because I already have too many. Plus, I heard that leather needs to "breathe", so I just leave them in dustbags in my closet.