LV boxes in all sizes

  1. I have just started my LV collection and I am fascinated with the LV boxes I got with the bags. I am referring to the hard cardboard ones and not the collapsible ones. I have done a search and I don't think anyone has ever started a thread on the complete set of the LV boxes in all sizes. So here I am, I thought it will be interesting to start one. I wonder how many different sizes they come in...:confused1:
  2. I just have these two boxes that came with my beanie and tee shirt:

  3. I have to agree...I think that those are great, especially for storing or organizing!
  4. gah i wishi i could take photos of mine, but my mom uses them to store all her craft items :yes:
  5. I just like the really really really TINY boxes lol, like those that you can get with the bijou fantasies. They're adorable! :biggrin:
  6. me too! i love the one my bubble earrings came in. its so small and cute.
  7. I love the tiny hard boxes and the BIG hard boxes, I guess I am not much of a middle woman! My Stephen came in a really nice big one!
  8. I took some pics last night of the 4 boxes I have. I called them X-Large, Large, Medium & Small. I am sure LV has some other sizes in between. I have taken the boxes with my Pochette Accessories in the pic so you get an ideal of the size of the boxes relative to the pochette.
    LV Box X-Large.jpg LV Box Large.jpg LV Box Medium.jpg LV Box Small.jpg
  9. And here I am trying to be creative... The LV Boxes Tree & the other one with accessories.
    LV Boxes Tree 1.jpg LV Boxes Tree with Accessories.jpg