LV Box

  1. Do you guys love the LV box that some LV products come in? I love them so much that I would pack my pochette back in and use it as a display.

    Does anyone know what is the largest size for the LV box? And which bag/ product does it come with? ;)
  2. I know that Keepalls come with a special box- I think that might be the biggest. (To my knowlege, none of the other luggage pieces come with boxes). And I agree- LV boxes are great! :love: I keep the smaller ones in a drawer in my bureau which I open whenever I need a high :graucho:
  3. Yes, the boxes are so beautiful and the stickers as well..I never throw away the boxes! :p
  4. Just a word of caution it is not a good idea to store your handbags in the box as they need air to breathe. Just store them in the dustbags and admire the boxes!!
  5. I love to put my items back in the box and open them the next day!!!!!
  6. I love the boxes as well. I would NEVER throw them a way......
  7. I only have the boxes that accessories and wallets come in, but I'm hoping to get some bigger boxes when I start frequent LV more often and start shopping in my own country so that the SA know that I don't have to carry everything on board a plane like I've had to do so far..
  8. Oh yes, me too! I just LOVE the boxes.:yes:
  9. yes, boxes and paper are soooo sweet!
  10. i LOVE the boxes!
  11. Yes I love the boxes too!!! But when I got my pegase it didn't even come with a dust bag.
  12. I love the hardsided boxes and the slide drawer smaller item ones too. Don't like the regular cartons.
  13. I love the boxes too! When I got my first LV, a pochette, I was so impressed with the box. It makes the items feel so much more special.
  14. I looove my boxes:love: I keep them on display since I only have a few pieces!
  15. i love my boxes! one holds extra dustbags (i have no idea WHY i have extra dustbags seeing as i store mine all in their own...)
    the other holds a couple of catalogs, the other holds my savings:graucho: ,
    and the extra others are empty.