LV box

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  1. Hi..

    I just wondering, do you always get the box when you buy an LV bags? I bought one hampstead bag yesterday and I did not get the box even I asked for one, she said... no box left, so they only gave me a dust bag.

    Is dust bag enough to protect the LV bag if I put it on my luggage? and It's gonna be a long trip back home.

    Please advice what should I do?

    Thanks in advance for your comment
  2. When i purchase LV bags, i will get the boxes cos i know one SA at my local boutique. I can also take extra home provided they have stocks.

    You want to ask your other boutiques for the box if it's near your home?

    You may want to add stuffing in your bag to keep its shape.
  3. Thanks for your comment, So I can go to other boutiques and only ask for the box?
  4. I suppose u can....some from my country did that in our local boutiques.

    Have to show receipt for proof but this is also up to the SAs whether they are that strict/flexible or not.
  5. When I bought one of my LV bag, I end up leaving the box behind bec. it was too bulky for me to take. When I got home I just simply called one of the local LV boutique and ask if I can have a box for my bag and they said no problem, so just call your local LV boutique and explain the situation and ask. Never hurt :smile: