LV Box with purchase

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  1. Is is true that the SA will ask you whether or not you want the box for the bag when you purchase it?
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  2. It's supposed to come with your purchase but not always. It depends on what store you go to.
  3. They don't always ask. But you can remind them and tell them that you would like a box at the time of purchasing. ;)
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  4. so have anyone bought LVs from Vegas? They ask whether or not you would like the box right?
  5. it depends on the SA and how busy they are. it doesnt hurt to ask for a box.
  6. >It depends on the store, I've never gotten any boxes for my UK purchases. They never asked either.
  7. :yes:
  8. I have been asked if I wanted a box :smile:
  9. they don't always ask. If you want one, make sure to mention it.

  10. I bought from the Wynn LV but I just told the SA that I wanted a box. (Better be safe than sorry!)

    But once when I bought from Rodeo Dr., the SA didn't include a box, so I then asked for it before I walked out of the store.

    My regular SA automatically puts everything I buy from her in a box - I don't even have to ask!

    I guess you shouldn't assume that an SA will automatically give or ask you if you need a box. If you want a box, just mention it to the SA when they're ringing you up! I don't think SAs do it on purpose to exclude a box from the customer, but I just think that some of them aren't really thinking that it's a big deal for us to have the box! They're not as anal as us tPFers!!! :p
  11. interesting......i've NEVER bought a bag without some sort of box for it !!
  12. My SA even asks if I want the hardbox or softbox. I guess it all depends on the store or associate.
  13. at some stores they automatically put it in the brown paper envelope thing, but just tell them you want it in a box and they should do it for you. in my experience, i've never been asked if i wanted a box, they usually put it in one except for the one at the wynn.
  14. i usually tell the sa helping me that i want it in a box since i dont have a regular sa. i guess when you have a regular sa, she would know your preferences. a subtle reminder wouldn't hurt though.
  15. If they don't include it I'd just ask for it...
    I didn't know LV didn't always come with a box automatically, though!