LV Box Under the Tree- It is Taking all my Willpower :)


New LV Owner :)
Dec 4, 2006
So I was undecided about my first LV- asked my husband to pick whichever he thought suited me better (mono or Damier). I will be thrilled with either and will get whichever I don't get this year, next year for Christmas :P . But I am dying to get into that box!!!!! The addiction has started. Wanted to say thanks again for all of your help here - I got the 30 - I just don't know which one yet.
Thanks again!!! :yes:
congrats and good luck on the waiting. my dh put a gucci and lv gift bag under our tree but i'm not allowed to open until christmas eve. arrrggh!! im sure it will be worth your wait. let us know what you got ok?