LV box under my tree.! Oh, the suspense..

  1. Hello LV ladies.! I've been lurking around the Chanel forum for awhile but with their outrageous price increases & with LV's cute designs, I will admit that I've been contemplating cheating on Chanel for LV alot lately.! :graucho: Hehe.

    I guess the BF read my mind because low & behold.. I see an LV box under our tree.! :wlae:

    He says it's not a Speedy (I've been eyein' the Damier Azur Speedy 30) now I am just stumped & am uber curious! :shrugs: It's a pretty big, thick box. Hmmmm. What do you ladies think?

    The suspense is killin' me. So far only he knows what it is. & 6 month old son who went shopping w/ him -- I've been tryin' to get it outta him but no luck so far.. :p

    Who else is dying to open their LV boxes? Anyone tempted to peek? Haha.
  2. ooohhh i would be tempted. Can't wait to hear what it is!!!
  3. I think it's a Tivoli or BH? :nuts:
  4. i probably would have peeked by now. hehe! congrats! im sure this will be the first of many more lvs to come! :smile: merry christmas
  5. hee hee i would've probably pulled something along the lines of Mission Impossible by now lols. i admire you for your patience! i probably would've gone to the LV store and begged one of the associates for the same box and wrapping, opened it just enough to peek and rewrap it all! LOLS! and the BF wouldn't know any better :supacool:. Congrats on your new LV and i hope it's the azur you've been waiting for! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!:flowers:

    Edit: P.S. your son is SOOOOO ridiculously CUTE!!! :tender:
  6. oh how exciting!!!
  7. oh.. I've dying to have a LV as my christmas present under the tree.. how sweet is that! congrats..
  8. Nothing more suspenseful than an obvious Vuitton package just waiting to be opened.....just think..... you are in for one fabulous Christmas morning !!
    lucky YOU !!!
  9. Lucky you!
    Only a few more days to wait!
    Make sure you post pictures when you open it :yes:
  10. Oh that is too cool.
  11. your so lucky, congrats :yahoo:
  12. How exciting! You HAVE to be patient and not sneak any peeks. :p
    Also, you must post pics!
  13. Can't wait for Christmas morning to see what you got!
  14. Can't wait to hear what you got!
  15. oooo I can't wait to find out! lucky you for having such a sweet dh!