LV boutiques in NYC? Located in any trendy malls?

  1. Do you ladies recommend any super friendly LV boutiques in NYC? Is there more than one?

    I'm going on a day trip to NYC soon (I haven't been to NYC since I was a young kid)! I'm not sure where to shop or where to lunch/dine.

    Please give me recommendations to any fabulous malls, boutiques, cafes, restaurants...

    It's greatly appreciated...thanks in advanced ladies! :smile:
  2. I'm no lady, but I can help!

    The LV boutiques in NYC are:

    -LV New York One East
    Address: One East 57th Street
    [Sells Handbags, Women's Shoes, Men's Shoes, Women's RTW, Men's RTW, Timepieces, Jewelry, and Sunglasses]

    -LV Macy's NY
    Address: 151 West 34th Street
    [Sells Handbags, Women's Shoes, and Sunglasses]

    -LV Bloomingdale's NY
    Address: 1000 Third Avenue
    [Sells Women's Handbags]

    -LV Saks NY 5th Avenue
    Address: 611 Fifth Avenue
    [Sells Handbags, Women's Shoes, Timepieces, Jewelry, and Sunglasses]

    -LV Soho
    Address: 116 Greene Street
    [Sells Handbags, Women's Shoes, Men's Shoes, Women's RTW, Men's RTW, Timepieces, Jewelry, and Sunglasses]
  3. the malls in nyc are kinda lame. Go to the suburbs for the malls. I'd say shopping in soho, madison ave and 5th ave is nice. di fara for pizza...I notice you're from boston. I miss Boston so much and lol am thinking of going there for a weekend. sigh. lol
  4. Oopsie. I didn't answer your other questions.

    I've heard many good things about 5th Avenue and Soho. I've been to NYC only once, but only had time to walk around Times Square and go into the Empire State Building.
  5. Of all the NYC boutiques the 5th avenue one has the best service (and it's the largest!)
  6. The 5th Avenue one is the largest, but also the busiest and filled with tourists, so it's sometimes a long wait for service. I love the Soho one - more intimate, and great service. I haven't been to Macy's but Saks' boutique was also pretty crowded when I went.

  7. I have heard bad things about the Soho store on this forum...

    As far as malls, you will be hard pressed to find a mall in NYC! go shopping in Soho, 5th ave., etc. Have a good trip!!

    If you like Indian food, Mitali East on 6th St and 1st Ave is amazing. Affordable, gorgeous food and wonderful service.
  8. The 5th Avenue store is not to be missed- purchasing aside it's fun just to ascend the staicase up to all the different levels it has to offer (though bags and accessories are on the 1st floor). If you're there around 5th there's plenty of places to eat- I myself had an okay lunch at Trump Tower, which IMO you should go see anyway just to gawk at the overdone pink marble and gold lobby.
  9. Go to the 5th ave. one. It is GIGANTIC!
  10. I live in the city, but I only go to the soho boutique. The manager, Zane, is super helpful and nice. They have a good selection of both mens and womens ready to wear, too. There are hardly any tourists here compared to the 5th avenue location. If you do end up going to the soho store, be sure to look in the window at the trunks. They have three of the antiques in damier and monogram stacked on top of eachother that make me drool every time i go.