LV Boutique receipts

  1. sometimes I like to look at the receipts from the LV Boutique....(I keep all my receipts in one place so I can find when I need), so when I happen upon a LV-purchase receipt I kind of like it.

    I like to know that it's definately authentic...something about that coming into contact with that receipt every so often combined with those dumb questions - is that a fake

    I have to think it's the same feeling one might have when getting an authentic LV from another source at great deal and exactly what you were looking for. I hope one day to be knowledgable about that one day.

    . . . . . . . .ok that's all
    I really :heart: my stuff.
  2. I keep mine all together in a pochette box.. :yes:
  3. I keep mine over at my boyfriends house in case there was a fire or something here and then i couldn't collect on my insurance. I nutty.

    Drives me nuts because the Soho and 5th ave boutiques give me nice printed out receipts but the boutique in the Macys just give me ugly plain paper ones.
  4. loool .. yes i do keep all my bags' recepts too .. dont know why though
  5. I keep my LV receipts in the LV envelope it was in when I bought it. Then store everything, with the dustbags and all inside the speedy box
  6. It is always good practice to keep your receipts, not only for insurance but there will come a day when you will want to sell one to trade up for a newer model (I have a few times) and there is nothing more valuable than a receipt in that case!
  7. I keep the receipts too.
  8. I keep my receipts in the boxes.
  9. for some reason i either have been taking my damier speedy 25 every time i've purchased something recently..because i found all the receipts in the space between my purseket and the red lining .... :supacool:
  10. i keep all my LV, Gucci...etc...receipts in a box. recently i took the time out to scan all of them and keep the file in my laptop just incase i lose the box or the print on the receipts have faded which was the case with one of my Coach receipts. i like to look at my receipts from time to time and they just amazes me how time flies and how the prices have gone up so much now.
  11. I keep mine and my mom has been given copies to keep in a safe for insurance reasons, and also if -god forbid- I ever have to sell any of them, they are good to have.