LV boutique ratings LG code

  1. Someone in another thread had a question about the store codes, as seen in the look books indicating which stores receive which pieces.

    I just found out what this means. LG means it is a global boutique which are rated by numbers. 6 is the highest, meaning they have the most sales, clients, and best selections. My SA just told me that our Scottsdale boutique was just upgraded to an LG 5. I noticed in the look book pages, some of the bags are only available from LG 4, 5, 6 rated stores. Interesting!
  2. Very interesting! The Sdale boutique is one of the nicer (in terms of consistent service, selection) small to mid size boutiques I've been in.
  3. I never knew that! I'll have to ask what grade my store is the next time I visit.
  4. That is interesting, Stephania. So if we're looking for a LE or hard to get item, need to ask if the boutique is rated 4,5, or 6.
  5. ^^^ I'll need to ask what grade my store is too.
  6. Hmm! How odd.
    I have to check my codes.
    I'd love to find out!
  7. very interesting info....
  8. There are lower ratings too. 4-6 are the highest.
  9. Hmmm, I know that our store is pretty small. We don't get everything unless it's special ordered in.:crybaby:
  10. very interesting - thank you
  11. Cool! Thanks for posting! :smile:
  12. i answered that this morning :yes:
  13. I couldnt find the post where the quesion was asked!
  14. oh it's on page two i think.
  15. I'm embarassed to say my boutique has an L3 rating. :shame: