LV Boutique in St. Thomas

Jun 23, 2007
Hello. A week from today we are sailing out of NY on the Queen Mary2. We are visiting St. Thomas, VI. A SA from the Chevy Chase, MD store told me that there was a small LV store in St. Thomas. Have any of you been there? I know the prices are going to be the same, if not more, than in the States, but no sales tax.
I looked up the store and it looks like it's in a new shopping center in St. Thomas.
I am soooo looking forward to this vacation, you don't know. The last thing I need is another LV or Chanel anything, but I'd like to get DH a great Chanukkah/27th anniversary gift.
TIA -- Judy


I am wherever He is
Aug 7, 2007
The last time I went to St. Thomas, I remember the LV boutique was small but beautiful. I have not been in years...

Let us know how the new boutique is and what new stash you purchase.

Have a fantastic time on your cruise!


Apr 5, 2007
eeek... i saw this post last week and i meant to respond but forgot.

i just went to st.thomas in september. the store is not huge but its decent. they have a lot of stock.

$630 usd for a speedy 25. no tax or duty. so depending on where you live... you could save tax... i found the store in aruba to be better priced.

have a great trip and i highly recommend going to the beach next to coral world. its unbelieveable!!! i'll try and post a pic for you.