LV Boutique in SohoNYC...would recommend

  1. Decided to check out some of the shops in lower Manhattan today - on the list was LV on Greene St.

    I like this store - I thought was cozy - everyone on staff seemed very friendly, helpful to what I had questions on - and no one followed me around.
    I touched everything I wanted when I wanted (I think this is a big deal in highlux stores). Very relaxing.:flowers:
    I jsut thought I might mention this because sometimes the 5th Ave store uptown can be a little crazy, though still good service.

    Anyway, Iwas there to check out what was left of Epi Manderine colour handbags. I didn't buy, still under consideration.

    The other shoppers seemed all happy too, another shopper commented to me on the way out "what a pretty bag, it looks great!" , referring to my Damier Canvas Alma.

    I just love a good retail experience. I would highly recommend this location !:flowers:
  2. here is pic I found:
  3. That's my fave LV store along with the Sak's boutique. They are very friendly in there. Plus the Shu store is just up the block. I love Soho
  4. Vlad and Megs: Isn't that where y'all went?
  5. Shopping in Soho is great. We were down there for Mother's Day this year. Tried to spot some celebs, especially at Cipriani, but no one good was there, lol.

    Glad you had such a positive experience at the LV there!
  6. The soho store has the nicest SAs I have ever seen, much much nicer than the 5th Ave.
  7. This is the store I always go to. The train has a stop right by it so I often go after work. Patricia is my personal favorite...and Zane signed me up for my blue groom agenda.

    And the security guard said he liked my hat! haha

    so friendly!

  8. I had the opposite experience at the 5th Ave store and had to deal with a really snotty SA at the SoHo one. Bloomingdales has a great dept., too. I'll only go to 5th Ave or Bloomies.
  9. I love that store. That is where I bought my plum Le Talentueux.
  10. Glad you had a nice LV experience.. i love these stories :smile:
  11. I LOVE Den and Patricia (SA's at that store)!!!
  12. Never been there yet. Hmmm....a NY trip should be in the works for me then!
  13. I had puchased the Mat Shelton in Aug. and was helped by Den.. and there was a little trouble in finding the piece, but he was extremely nice about it.. the other day, I dropped by the store to see if there were any Groom pieces left, and he remembered me!!! (he didn't remember my name but he DID remember that it was a Mat Shelton he helped me with!) Both he and Patricia are very, very nice, I recommend them both to everyone!!
  14. yeah, Soho is one of my favorite LV stores to visit, hate paying NYC taxes though so often just buy in Jersey or PA (I'm all over for work)...
  15. i LOVE LOVE LOVE that store!!! but there is this 1 SA that i would never give my commission too. (I won't say names) but the expression she gives me is that if you're not buying anything expensive, i dont want to serve you. but i love everyone else in that store!! i hope i get to bump into someone one day!!

    oh, side note, was anyone there for the event with mos def??? my camera decides to break down. i wasnt able to take the picture with him, but i got an autograph!!