LV Boutique in New Orleans

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  1. Anyone from around the area? I know that it is on Canal street, however, I am not that familiar with New Orleans and really never felt comfortable driving there even more so since Katrina. How difficult is it to find Saks? I would be coming from Lafayette.
  2. Wow! I'm in Lafayette too!
    Anyways, Saks is at the very end of Canal Street. It is just across from the Harrah's casino so very easy to find!
    I've never been so do tell all when you return!
  3. It has been years since I have been in downtown New Orleans so I kind of know where you are talking about. I have begged my dh to come with me, but I don't think he is going to budge, lol.

    Nice to see someone else from Lafayette! I actually live in Scott.
  4. Well I am in Metairie-about 5 minutes from NOLA! The LV counter at Saks is very nice. It will probably be a 3 hour drive for you. Take I10 and get out on Poydras (pick me up from work at the PanAmerican building) and then we will go to Canal St and hit Saks!
  5. I am wanting to go so bad, but I need to save my money for a little longer before I make the trip. I can NOT go there with my credit card.........too dangerous!!!! How is the parking for Saks? I wish I was more familiar with the area, I would love to just jump in my car and go, but I have no idea where I am going.
  6. WOW ANOTHER lOUISIANIAN-I'M from New Iberia
  7. you aren't very far from me!!! I know a couple of people from New Iberia.
  8. Maybe we should do a meet in the summer! I have to save for my next purchase too.
    It's so cool to know that there are other LV lovers in the area! Maybe we need a secret signal? :smile:
  9. a meet sounds like fun! It will probably take me until later summer to save for all of the immediate things that I want, lol!!!!
  10. We have a couple of girls from Baton Rouge on the boards too.

    Parking is not too bad. You can actually park at Saks and get it comped with your purchase
  11. Oh! It's SO easy to find! I'm from around the area and it's REALLY safe, however I wouldn't go at night! When do you plan on going??? I'm most likely going tom. You can also use MapQuest to help you. The address in 301 Canal St. It's the very first building at the end by the Aquarium! It's not a big boutique though!

    OMgosh! A meet sounds cool! I wanna do it!

    Prairieville/Gonzales HERE!
  12. I drive to Baton Rouge and go shopping alot, especially a scrapbook store in Prairieville called Memory Mania and of course, I love to hit the outlet mall in Gonzales, but never seem to have enough time.
  13. That is too funny- I am in BR every week. My dad lives in Gonzales