LV Boutique in Charlotte or Raleigh NC

  1. :yes: Hi,

    Have you visited the boutiques in either Charlotte or Raleigh, NC? I live about 4 1/2 hrs from Charlotte and about 3 1/2 from Raleigh.

    DH and I may go to Charlotte this weekend if he doesn't get stuck working.

    How did you find these boutiques (good SA, etc)?

    Which do you prefer?


    Debbie (piperlu):tender:
  2. I live in Wilmington. I've been to the Saks in Raleigh and they have a LV store inside. I've also been to the LV store in Charlotte. Both are nice and the SA are always extremely helpful.
  3. If you go the the Charlotte boutique, ask for Jonathan, he's a doll!!!
  4. I agree - Charlotte and ask for Jonathan. By the way - congratulate him - he is getting married this weekend!
  5. Both LV's Are Great!!! I'm So Close To SouthPark (Charlotte) ~ It's Only A Few Minutes Away. That I Frequent It More.
  6. Thanks everyone.
  7. I live in Charlotte, and have been BY the LV store...but haven't entered yet....I I am stil working up the nerve!! LOL!!!
  8. I have a beach house in Wilmington and whenever we're down there and want to go shopping we head for Charlotte and I've been to that LV a various number of times and every time has been great!