LV boutique full of returned goods?


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May 4, 2006
OK that's stating it a bit drastic lol :wtf: There's the other thread about returned goods that got me wondering... but I have never returned anything LV to the store probably because I hardly ever buy on impulse (it's not Gap lol)? I might of course return something in the future!

Do people return things often? Do you? After a few days? A month? After using it invisibly? I think I haven't ever seen any bag in our boutique with plastic on it or the handles, even when I asked them to find me one from the back :shrugs: That got me wondering :shame:

On the other hand, if it's not visibly used, it shouldn't matter, and it probably doesn't. I'd just feel better if I was the "original" owner of a brand-spanking-new bag from the store KWIM? I hope this makes any sense.:smile:
I have not returned anything to LV before...probably because I've only bought something twice! But...when I do, I'd make sure I do my research about the bag I want first, and make sure I really like it IRL before I buy it. That's the way I am all the time, whether it's buying electronics, clothes, books...I always do my research first so I rarely return anything in general.
I returned a black mc trouville because there was an actual cut in the leather vachetta trim. It had been a display bag and the only one they had left. My husband bought it for me and after I opened it at home, I started inspecting it. I just couldn't keep it after I saw the cut. I HATE returning things, especially to somewhere as upscale as LV. They were very gracious about it, but I still felt funny making a return. I have since educated my husband on inspecting the bag, especially a display bag, should he ever buy me one for a gift again. But as for bags that are saleable, I've wondered if some of my bags have been resold to me. My damier alma had some lint on the inside like somebody had maybe used it. But, it otherwise seemed fine, so I didn't make a big deal out of it.
My favourite SA ended up being my friend so I called her 5 minutes ago cause of the other thread and asked about their policy on returned stuff. She told me that in the boutique she works (Athens, Greece) an experienced SA thoroughly inspects the item BEFORE they accept its return. She admitted they do not tell a client if the item he's about to buy is returned but if the client is a regural and has develloped a good relationship with a SA has a bigger chance to find out. I have to point out here that they don't have many returns, my SA says the boutique she works rarely has returns, so the chances of buying returned from a boutique aren't that high (considerably higher if you buy online).

As for the plastic in the handles I was told that finding a piece that has plastic wrap depends on the model and the SAs. For example, during Christmas vacation the boutique was extremely busy and everyone seemed to want to check out or buy a speedy. So every piece of speedy left was brought out, plastic wrap was removed so they could show it to many customers at the same time. But if one asked for a montsouris with a plastic wrap he would most probably get one even though it doesn't really mean anything...If a SA wanted to put a plastic wrap on a used piece he'd be able to
i have never returned anything from LV boutique..cuz I like what I buy! haha

but at a clothing store...I change my mind easily and I like to try it on w/ other outfits and then if I can't justify or don't like it...i"ll return it.

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I've never returned anything. I inspect my items before purchasing...they could've been used and returned by someone else, but if it looks good to me, I don't mind :supacool:
Just because your bag doesn't have plastic DOES NOT mean it isn't new!!!!!!!! Most stores will remove the plastic before putting it in the box (hence why it sometimes seems it takes forever for them to come back out with your bag)!
I've only had one with plastic on it (and not by my own request)! And I have purchased a display model because it was the only one it was probably handled, but it looked minty mint and I wanted it right away!