Lv boutique don't authenticate our bag?

  1. I just came back from singapore and was in the LV boutique in takashimaya mall. wanted to buy a josephine pm but was sold out:sad:
    while i was talking to a female SA, she claimed that Louis Vuitton boutique don't verify the authenticity of any lv bag purchased from outsource( ie. if we bought it somewhere else eg. from the ebay or let-trade...) at first i thought it's only the case in singapore boutique but later she said it's a worldwide policy. is that true???:shrugs: the SA (a bit snobbish) said, " well, we dunno where you get this bag from and you should check or track the authenticity of the bag from the previous owner." i was thinking if we know how reliable is the bag then we don't have to send it in to check for the authenticity! if that's the case then what are we going to do after we bought a lv bag from ebay since they wouldn't help up??? how do we know is the bag genuine?
  2. Suying,

    Yes, it's true. Singapore LV no longer authenticates unless you've had a track record of purchase with them, then SAs that you are more familiar would be willing to authenticate for you.

    And do try to avoid the Takashimaya branch whenever possible, they have the snottiest and most times, least knowledgeable SAs in Singapore.
  3. what about in other country? is it a worldwide policy? i remember calling my SA ( avery nice young chinese lady, joanne:smile: ) regarding whether will the boutique help me to authenticate the cerises speedy and they said yes (without any charges)
  4. I'm not too sure about other parts of the world but I did read that some of the ladies here from the US did come across a few stores that did not authenticate. :sad:
  5. In Toronto, the SAs always authenticate items for me, even if I'm not their regular customer.
  6. that's too bad if they don't as they are suppose to be the experts.
  7. i had my LV authenticated at the LV store in the tysons galleria (virginia, US) and i wasn't their regular customer AT ALL. as far as i know, they do verbal authentication here in the US. i am sorry that you were treated that way!
  8. In NYC I saw that they refuse to do it.
  9. Hmm, ya this is true, unless you're close with your SA, then i guess it's a loophole cuz no one can shut the mouths of ppl...... Or maybe, you can wait for a LV SA to get off work and then hunt her down for the authenticity question! haha She ain't at work, so there's no rules!!!

    Iono, I've never gone to a boutique and asked for them to authenticate anything (well i have nothing to authenticate anyway...), but wouldn't you guys feel really uncomfortable?.... like....say it's a personally wouldn't be able to bear the embarassement..........
  10. emmmmm....ya...I agree on the embarassment part...i think the last ppl i want to judge me would be LV SAs if I was cheated into buying a fake LV.
  11. They refuse to authenticate the items because they don't want us to buy from other sources. I bet so many people go to the store to authenticate the authentic bag they got from Ebay with really..really good price. It's just making it harder for us to buy fro outsider..
    Just make sure to post it in here before buying online..just to be safe..Great service minus snooty attitudes a la LV SA.
  12. you could get away with it with older bags. Lie and say they were left to you from Aunt so an so. you'd like to make sure they are authentic :biggrin:
  13. I think it's a new policy, I think they will only authenticate if they are unaware of it.
  14. hey suying
    this is the same in New Zealand as well. When I first went to LV to have a look at bags etc... I asked the SA if I bought in a LV bag would they have a look at it... And she said, "No - if it's not from the Store then we can't do anything about it"
    I guess buying from the LV store just makes the entire experience just that much better! It's SO much fun going into the LV store!
  15. I have never bought a fake, but if a sales associate told me my eBay bag was fake, I wouldn't be embarrassed. I would be pissed off at the seller, but honestly, they are just sales associates, not Louis Vuitton himself. Now, if Louis Vuitton himself were to rise from the grave and tell me my bag was fake, then I would be mortified. And really, really scared.