LV Boutique~Chicago or Oakbrook

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  1. I have the opportunity to possibly visit either one of these soon and was wondering which one was better? I have been to the Chicago one a few times but never to the Oakbrook store. Both will be about equal distance. I am not sure if Oakbrook carries shoes and jewelry? Is the Oakbrook store really small? I have been to the Northbrook Court location but they seem limited on their stock.
  2. Stick at the Chicago store. Oakbrook has a worst customer service better yet order online :smile:
  3. I like to go to the LV at Nordstrom's on Michigan Avenue. They may not have as much stock as the standalone store, but their service has been good for me. Ask for Jeremy.
  4. I've had great customer service at Oakbrook. They do have shoes and jewelry. The store is not huge but a good size. Ask for Alicia or the manager Jeffrey. I've found them very pleasant and helpful. There is good parking and the sakes tax is lower, too.
  5. Yeah used to have that great experience at the Oakbrook store that's where I dropped all my money (bought my 7 bags in less than a year) but when it comes to having issues which i did once with my SLG Jeffrey being the manager doesn't have any people skills and terrible customer experience, sales tax you can't avoid anyway buy online & they will charge you the taxes where you live. Sad but LV have started to have their quality get sucked in to their high prices items & you don't get a high end customer service!!!
  6. I would go to the Northbrook Court location which is the closest to me but I had a few not so great experiences there so now I am stuck going to a different location.... I think I will try Chicago since I really do not want another unpleasant experience..Thank you for all help!
  7. Alicia is my SA too!!! She's great. I felt very comfortable with her.
  8. Yeah! I did get to go to LV and went to the Oakbrook location. I had a good experience and staff seemed very helpful. I had Christopher help me and he was good and attentive. They did have a good selection of handbags, slg's, jewelry and shoes... They even let my husband bring in our dog (see avatar)..Had a great time! :smile:
  9. I've never been to the Chicago store but I would avoid the Oak Brook boutique (which is near where I live). Customer service is totally hit or miss, and the stock can be limited. I feel that the manager there, while professional, is not the friendliest person and would probably not go out of his way to help you.
  10. I totally agree on that...managers & SA's are both not very helpful doesn't have the quality of great customer service...of course this is how managers trained their SA's what else can you ask for...
  11. I did end up going to Oakbrook and had an allright experience. The SA was professional but not overly friendly. I would not go back but they did have a great selection. I do not think that I saw the manager there.
  12. The customer service at Oak Brook has gone downhill big time since the new male manager took over. The staff is beyond rude and its a very unpleasant experience to visit that store. It's clear that the new manager wanted to diversify and he hired people who had zero luxury SA experience. The Michigan Ave store is a wonderful place to visit and shop - the staff is top notch unlike OB.
  13. I found my SA was pleasant and helpful by strictly business. There was no small talk. Next time I will go to Chicago, for sure.
  14. Could anyone recommend a good SA at the Michigan Avenue LV?
  15. Suzette is wonderful!!! She's French and has worked at LV for 30 years!