LV books?

  1. Ok-maybe I am getting a tad obsessed here-LOL! but, books are my other obsession.

    I know there is something called the "LV bible", but, it is from Japan and written in Japanese (though, it has beautiful pictures! :drool:)

    But, is there anything like that out there in english that I could buy from a store or eBay? I do have leCatalogue, but, i thought something else, possibly in color, would be fun too.

  2. Not that I know of. There are tons of LV bibles on eBay though.

    I don't know of any in english though. Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  3. Yeah, I haven't seen any LV "Bibles" in English... :s
  4. aw-ok-didn't think so, but thought it was worth asking. So, no LV books in english at all? shoot, thanks
  5. ooh i wouldn't mind starting an lv book library too :smile:
  6. ^^well, it seems we are out of luck other than the LV bible in japanese. Maybe I will cave and get that just for the pretty pictures
  7. there is a catalogue, with line drawings and a couple of pix of the lines they carry with descriptions and the colors they came in.

    there is an icon book.

    but no, i have not seen that japanese book in an english format.
  8. these lv "bibles" are actually available in japanese book stores. I've found the jackpot here in Little Tokyo right by downtown LA! I'm sure if you have a Little Tokyo or maybe even a Chinatown, they might have these magazines in their bookstore.
  9. ^^Yep, I live in NYC-so, we have Chinatown. Might have to send hubby hunting around soem of the bookstores down there
  10. great idea ladies!