LV books to get?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a LV book maybe to learn a little bit of history but more of something to have and flip through to look at gorgeous pictures. I was hoping maybe theres a book that basically has what twiggers and addy has compiled (about LE things) for us among other things (not just LE stuff)

    I've heard of three.... Birth of Modern Luxury, Icons, and a Murakami hardcover book all available at

    Has anyone bought any of these books? Did you like it? Whats the jist of the book? Was it worth the money?

    Thanks in advance!
    book1.jpg book3.jpg book2.jpg
  2. icon's is cute lots of pics I've never actually read it lol but it pretty cheap too the others I don't know sorry
  3. I love Icons! It is a quick read (or look at pix). I've never seen Murakami but Birth of Modern Luxury is a HUGE book.
  4. I have all 3 books - The Birth of Modern Luxury has alot of history and great pics
  5. I think all LV lovers should have Birth of Modern Luxury ;) It's the best source to learn about LV history (of course not about 2nd WW period, LV is trying to hide some facts)
  6. There is a book about LV in japan but it is more about the economis aspect of it.
  7. Birth of Modern Luxury
  8. The BOML is something every LV addict should have. I need to get one.
  9. BML! It really give you an indepth history of LV, not to mention the full page color pix of bags!
  10. i think the BML is a great book to have to learn a bit on the history.. and the Icons book is a great add-on. i saw the murakami book in a magazine and i must get it too.. but it covers more than just LV.. it covers everything that is murakami, and all his past and recent works.

    the boutique sells BML and Icons (though i'm not sure it's still in print?, for both books actually), but if you can get them still, you can get them gift boxed. and to me, i always love getting boxes and stuff. :smile:
  11. BOML is a lot of facts and history but not much on pics of collection from start till now. If you want pics of discontinued lines and current lines, locate a japanese bookstore and ask for books (softcover) that covers LV. In it, you will find tons of pics all in colour and in the past many has been released. Even if you cant read japanese, the pics alone will keep you occupied for hours. They are not that expensive too, about USD20. :smile: