LV Bookmark

  1. lol it's a vip gift, it's not possible to buy it at the store that's why the seller charge so much.
  2. I was going to buy one formy BIRTH OF MODERN LUXURY book
  3. it's cute, I like it. I would love to receive it as a gift from my SA lol!
  4. That's cute and why not? A LV bookmark to go with a LV book!! :graucho:
  5. omg that bookmark is sooooo cute!!!
  6. I like it, it's cute :love: but I probably wouldn't spend that much on a bookmark. I have the tendency to lose my bookmarks :huh:
  7. It's kinda cute,wish it was a mono print:smile: .
  8. Yes, if it's pure 14K good, I'll think about getting it, ehehe:rolleyes:
  9. Yes, if it's pure 14K gold, I'll think about getting it, ehehe:rolleyes:
  10. It's cute! I almost got one from my SA, but they ran out so I got the gold keepall paperweight instead :biggrin:
  11. I LOVE the keepall paperweight ~
  12. now thats for a true fanatic!
  13. it's cute, but i certainly wouldn't spend $200 for it
  14. Hey, here's to the people who have 200+ dollars to spend on a bookmark!!! Wish I was one of em!!!!