lv book ?

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  1. there is a big louis vuitton (bible) that several members, what is it called and what is the price ?
    Can it only be purchased at LV ?
  2. Its called "The Birth of Modern Luxury"
    I bought mine at the boutique but you can buy them on Amazon and other online booksellers too.
  3. Thanks edsbgrl. I'm wondering that myself. I will definitely get it.:yes: :yes:
  4. I had to go the Amazon after I just told you that you could buy it there.......DON'T! I just cked the prices and the damn thing starts at 260.00 something! You can get it at the boutique for $145.00 (I think thats what I payed for it). Don't spend the excess on there. If you don't have a boutique close to you, call the 866 number for Louis. Certainly they will have it at retail (which is much below what Amazon is selling it for.
  5. I think the 'bible' that most people refer to are japanese/chinese soft books or magazines, that has pictures upon pictures of many LVs, including hard to find ebay, vuitton bible there are a bunch :smile:
  6. If it's a big hardcover book then it's The Birth of Modern Luxury which overviews LVs history, like edsbgrl said, and if it's a magazine-looking thing, then it's the Japanese LV "bible" that has pictures of a lot of different lines, as twinkle.tink said.
  7. Nope this is what i was looking for The Birth of Modern Luxury thanks.
  8. i have 2 lv books i got at the store, $125 $18.95 one is the birth of modern luxury and the ICONS book
  9. the Birth book can definetly be bought at boutiques...ebay & Amazon overcharge.

    I know you're in Canada fetish and thus no 866....but maybe one of your boutiques up there can find one.
    Before the last price increase it was $125.