Lv Book

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  1. I'm getting it via Fed Ex tomorrow! I paid $125 from Neiman Marcus. I saw it on Amazon for $450! It appears to be out of stock nearly everywhere. I think there is another thread about it somewhere around here...
  2. I got this book from my local bookshop at 110 only hee. Cut out a coupon to get a 20% discount.

    Its a nice book. Remove the cover, cause the clothed hardcover with the words LV is very elegant and beautiful. The book is in full color too. And the images are vibrant. Also it is very detailed with the whole LV history in chronological details, starting from the famous Louis Vuitton to Marc. It covers interesting topics like the architecture of LV shops and the various sporting events too.

    However I felt they spent too much time talking about the beginning of LV. Almost half the book is dedicated to the 3 Vuittons. As a result, several aspects are glossed away. In particularly, the details of the various bag collections are sorely lacking, except perhaps for the cerise and multicolor collection. There is no doubt bag lovers will be very disappointed (although on first glance, you will be too in awe of the book to realise that). Another misfortune is that you will only get a glimpse of the pretty clothes of the various seasons and nothing more. Perhaps this is meant to be, since this is not a catalogue. But i felt for the price, I should be able to adore every single one of the bags, which i consider as great works of art, in technicolor details.

    They do have the advert posters with the big stars starting from Kate Moss to Hayden to Uma. Although they are broken up into two pages. I wondered if fold-outs will be more scanner-friendly, providing the option of enlarging it for framing. They could also provide a nice little (leather) bookmark, that would have been a precious gift.

    Content: 6/10. (From the pov of a bag lover of course. The omission of the various collections is very disappointing. Too much focus on the history of LV.)

    Pictures: 7/10 (Clear and bright.)

    Reviewers tilt: 7.5/10. Its a nice book on the coffeetable, or next to your vast collection of bags. Besides, its cheaper than a monogram key holder and pouch. So whats there to complain ;)
  3. Wow what a review!

    I never thought to take the cover off the book...can't wait to see it when I get home.

    I absolutely agree. I kept turning and turning the pages wondering when were going to get to the “meat” of it all. It was a little overkill. I was hoping the book would be more about the lines/clothing and just a brief history of the Vuitton family. When I first got the book, I was just in heaven, especially while flipping the pages, but when I actually started reading, I too was a bit disappointed.
  4. I was really hoping for great detailed pictures of all the bags :sad:
  5. I atually bought the book to read about the history, I know all about the bags already, from buying them for years and speaking with sa's. I ofcourse know the history already but an in depth look was great. And the book is afterall called "the birth of modern luxury." but i can see how more bag pics would have been nice.
  6. ok I just ordered the book from and is £45.50 shipped there, which is like $80 - I cant believe how cheap it is here in the Uk compared to amazon in the US .
  7. Wow, Kimmy! What a deal :smile: I just got it this morning. It's a beautiful book with alot of information. But...not a lot of pics of handbags. I just want a book or catalog with all of the LV lines & their pictures.....:smile:
  8. does anyone know how to obtain an LV book with only pictures of handbags that they offer?????? I'd like to get me one of those. My book is still backordered... I ordered it last week. I cant wait to get it. There's no telling when i might receive it, but it will be a nice suprise when i do.:biggrin:
  9. I ordered mine from last week for about $75. I'm still waiting for it to ship because it's still sitting in the warehouse.

    And what? I was expecting alot of photos of their great bags too!!!
  10. I still have not recieved my book from amazon UK -- has anyone else not got theirs yet.
  11. LgaV I wish someone would just do a book with pictures of all the bags that LV created and their price at release. Someone could get sooo rich for doing this because I think that's what almost all of us want to see. Why doesn't somebody compile some info for this book. I'd be the first in line to buy it!!:nuts: V
  12. I'm still waiting from inkleaf. Grrr! Hurry up!!!
  13. Me too. I read on another thread that if we cancel the order on Inkleaf, they will just give us store credit. Should I just wait for the book? Its been nearly 2 months. Maybe i should just wait.