LV blue Denim Neo Speedy

  1. Ok, I'm an LV virgin! I have a black Balenciaga City 06 & Spring 05 petrol Fendi Spy...So basically I know nothing about authenticating LV's...I am thinking about getting this Speedy listed above...I haven't decided if I'll go straight to the boutique or try my luck at eBay. However, I would like some help with this bag. If I do have a look on eBay, what should I look for to avoid fakes? Does this bag have a date code? If so, where? Does anyone have an opinion about the look of this bag? There is a great pic on the PF with Denise Richards holding the fuschia Neo Speedy. I personally think it looks hot on her...I wear a lot of casual clothes esp. jeans and I think I would use it a lot more than my Fendi. The Fendi leather marks so easily and I need a more casual throw-around bag. I am just confused and thinking too much. Any input would be great from any one of you die hard LV addicts! :flowers:
  2. If you visit here more often you won't be a 'LV virgin' no more:graucho: :lol: Since you wear lots of casual clothes you'll definitely use it a lot and it is a HOT bag!:yes: There's great deals on ebay and if you've seen one you're interested in, post it on "authenticate this LV" . Lots of ladies/gents will help you out.:yes:
  3. Throw around bag? Probably not as much as you think, search this thread for "vachetta" it is the untreated leather Vuitton uses & the Neo has these handles. If you worry about the fendi leather then you might like to look into something Damier or Epi for an everyday bag, no vachetta to stain & pretty indestructable bags.
    Whatever you choose I hope you love it here as much as we all do.
    Welcome to TPF, happy posting.
  4. I'm casual all the time and use my Denim Speedy a lot. :yes: It's the perfect every day bag for me. And yes, it has a date code, it's in the inner pocket and not very visible.
    If you want to get it off eBay I'd say buy from a MyPoupette seller!

    edit: btw, there are some great pics in the VISUAL AIDS sticky^^
  5. :yes: It is a very cute bag & if you treat it with shining Monkey, appleguard or wilsons the vachetta will stay lighter longer. I like the patina on mono, how is it on denim GerGirl? i bet you keep yours nice & clean, any tips?
  6. I put nothing on my bags, I just make sure that my hands are clean ;)
    The patina on my Speedy is still very light, but I've seen used from let-trade etc. w/ a lovely honey color - I think it looks stunning w/ the Denim fabric :love: