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  1. With this bag being discontinued, do you think I should purchase it before its gone
  2. If you love it, yes. If not, no. I have a bloomie GM and it's a great travel bag. However, with the glazed leather, it can be less than comfortable. On the other hand, no worries with respect to the weather, especially on vacation. For an everyday cross-body, there are better choices/softer leather strap/cloth strap (like LV men's bags or Hermes Evelyn)
  3. get it! it's one of my most used bags.
  4. If you love the look and are searching for a comfortable and practical/functional cross body bag then now's the time to grab one before they're all gone. If you're a little hung up about the treated leather, which does soften up over time, then the Odeon is another great bag to consider.
  5. I adore this bag. I think it's a perfectly sized, super durable, and carefree crossbody. If you like the look and want a great crossbody, go for it!
  6. It's a great crossbody bag which I use often during my travels. Love it
  7. If you love it, make it your next purchase. If you only like it, remember you can always search for a preloved one in excellent condition if it is discontinued by the time you are ready for it. I do not own this bag, but I have been eyeing it for quite some time. It looks and sounds like it is a great all weather crossbody that many love. Please keep us updated on your decision.
  8. I had one and sold it. The made in leather tag in the front slip pocket kept hanging on everything and my canvas felt rubbery to me. I love the looks it just didn't work for me.
  9. I tried it on the other day. They only have MM size and I think it is a bit small for my broad build. I would buy it if they still have GM-