LV BLK Denim Neo Cabby or Mirage Speedy - please help!

  1. I got a call from the LV store and the SA told me that they have received a few of the LV Neo Cabby Bags GM. I really love this bag and am on waitlist for the Mirage Speedy in Noir? Which bag should I get! I really, really want them both but that is not going to happen! Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  2. personally I love the neocabby in black, it goes with so much and is different...the mirage is overpriced for a speedy and if you own a speedy I like the classic speedy the best....neocabby is the vuitton bag of the season imo and you can wear on the shoulder, messenger or hand held or on the arm...not you can't do that with a speedy...
  3. IMHO, Mirage Speedy is different and screams *limited* while neo cabby is more versatile and you can use it in 3 different ways (handheld, shoulder, messanger). I guess I'm no help, I love both, LOL.
  4. Go for the neo cabby! I have it in MM black and LOVE!
  5. I just got cabby and love it, but it'll be around a while... i'd get mirage. A SPEEDY WITH BLACK HANDLES? OMG. so amazing.
  6. Oh my this is a tough decision.. I dont think I can be of much help.. cos one is LE screaming and one is more versatile... em... it really depends on your outfit I guess..
  7. Definitely mirage speedy, it's gorgeous imo.
  8. Tough call--both are gorgeous and I think versatile. I prefer the neo cabby, though. Good Luck with your decision.
  9. If you love the Mirage Speedy, go for what you love more!!! I would personally go for the Denim Cabby MM not the GM. Thats what I would do. I think its because I want something from the denim line. :shame:
  10. I would get the denim neo cabby GM.
  11. i would go with the mirage speedy b/c it's more limited.
  12. i go with the Neo cabby much more practical and worth the price, can be carried three different ways, I love it! the mirage although limited, is way overpriced and I personally don't like the look of black handles!
  13. i saw the neo cabby, it's gorgeous! i'd say get that, but i haven't seen the mirage IRL life yet. so its a real tough choice to make. for now, i'd say get the neo cabby. it's so versatile and can go with anything!
  14. hmmm...if u can swing both bags at a later date..Id get the mirage FIRST..Itll be harder to get
  15. I agree with Jill. If you can get both bags at seperate times I would go with the mirage speedy first since it's LE.