LV Blanche BB or Clapton backpack (which one to keep)

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  1. Hi,
    I bought Blanche bb about a week ago because I wanted LV all leather bag (my first) and the price is good considering all leather. It's cute and the strap is very comfortable on my shoulder. A week after, I saw Clapton backpack and I keep thinking about it. So, I went ahead and purchased it today. I really like that it can be worn 3 ways (backpack,shoulder bag and crossbody bag). Both fit my lifestyle. Since I have other canvas bags and no leather bag, I told myself to go with blanche bb. At the same time, I want a backpack. I have other crossbody bag including Pochette Metis. Please help me decide!! Thank you!❤ View attachment 4173089 View attachment 4173090 View attachment 4173090
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  2. They are both so beautiful! I guess you have to ask yourself if you are a backpack person ? :smile:
    I totally am, and have been loving this Clapton since I saw it. I actually only sling my backpacks over one arm though.
    Do you love chain bags? The Blanche looks like it could be dressed up or look great with jeans/ pants.
    Finally, see how much each one holds- then decide if that works for your needs:smile:
    I hope that helps a bit!
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  3. Thanks for your reply. I
    Thanks for your reply. I usually wear backpack on weekends and when I travel. I plan on wearing it as crossbody too. You are right about Blanche. The chain makes it look a little bit dressy which I love. Clapton definitely fits more which is a plus. Can you tell I love BOTH bags for diff reasons? Hehe.
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  4. You're welcome:smile:
    I forgot that this Clapton is convertible into a few ways of wearing it! I really wanted the one with the pink leather:heart:
    Well, you can't go wrong with either!
    Go look at the clubhouse for Clapton, to see if it inspires you!
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  5. I would say keep both if you can!
    They are both such different bags and have different capacities.

    I don't have the Clapton backpack. But, it looks like a very cute and versatile piece. And it looks like it can hold plenty on a daily basis.
    I have the Blanche BB in black and I have been reaching it for it a lot more than my canvas Pochette Metis! The leather is so soft and beautiful and I think it can be either casual or dressy, depending on the occasion. I've worn it with my workout clothes or with jeans and dressier tops (mind you, I don't really dress that formal in my daily life). My lifestyle and location I live in are very casual.

    The Blanche BB is small, but it can fit what I need: my zippy coin purse, key pouch, Hermes Bastia change purse, phone and sunglasses (in a soft case). And it still feels comfortable, but not over loaded.
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  6. They’re both great looking bags! I would go for the Clapton backpack because that’s more my style, and I love the versatility!
  7. Yes, pink color clapton is so beautiful. But, I chose the cream because I really am not pink purse kinda girl and too girly for me. Was pink one not available when you purchased?
    I may keep both bags. :smile: I will for sure keep blanche. I still have some time to think on clapton.
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  8. Hi there, I may keep both. My bank account will not happy though. I will for sure keep blanche. I used it this weekend and the bag fits what I need but no extra room. I love that it's strap is more comfortable than PM and the chain makes it dressier. This bag makes me smile when I see it. Is it crazy? ☺Thanks for your reply.

    On the other hands, clapton fits more and versatile. I don't have any other bag like clapton. But, I am not that into canvas bags like I used to at this point and I wasn't planning to add another canvas bag into my collection.
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  9. Yes, Clapton is definitely more practical and versatile. Thank you for your reply.
  10. I'm glad you chose the cream! Sounds like it works for you:smile:
    No I haven't purchased a Clapton yet, I got a couple others:heart:
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  11. Hi,
    Which one did you keep? Did you keep both?