LV Black

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  1. Ladies I love the LV popular canvas bags but I wear so much black and would love a black LV any recommendations?
  2. Epi Alma
  3. Epi or empreinte items....
  4. Blavk epi bag such as Alma or empreinte bag ~ speedy, Artsy, Montaigne... Or perhaps parnassea line ~Capucine is gorgeous...
  5. Epi, Epi electric or Vernis. Not sure if they still make empreinte in black.
  6. Like you, I wear a lot of black but love Monogram - I solved mine by getting the black Pallas. I love it!!
    You could also consider getting a beautiful black bandeau/bag charm to add to whichever purse you choose and that will add black accents.

  7. Electric Epi Alma or Brea better than plain ol' black
  8. I love the Epi petit Noe in black, it's on my wishlist
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    Last edited: Apr 18, 2014
    I would highly recommend the Empreinte Black Montaigne MM. It's such a wonderful quality handbag and can be carried so many different ways. I loved it so much that I went ahead and got it in Amethyste too along with a matching Zippy Wallet.

    Good luck. LV has a nice selection of Black handbags available now. :smile: