LV Black Denim

  1. Will LV be making any other styles in the black denim? I saw the Neo Cabby and really liked it. I have the Baggy PM and was hoping they would do that style in the black denim. What do you think of the Neo Cabby? Thanks!
  2. Hmmmm.... it's a possibility! I hope they do make the Denim Baggy in black!
  3. I thought they were discontinuing the baggy gm and pm???

    As for the black denim, I thought I would love it, but I'm not particularly fond of the faded black denim look. There is another bag coming out called the Handbag XL, it kinda looks like the Fendi Spy bags, it will also come in the blue and black denim!

  4. Hmm..that sounds very interesting. Are there any pictures of that bag out yet?
  5. I think it's a great style and looks good. I also prefer this style in black too.
  6. it seems that LV may produce newer styles in both blue and black denim. older styles (but not speedy) will be discontinued, so i don't think any of those will be made in black.