LV Birmingham store

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  1. Hi! I'm intending to travel to Birmingham,UK, on Saturday to purchase my first LV.

    I am after a Neverfull MM, rose ballerine lining and want to also purchase a small luggage tag at the same time for the bag.

    My question is, do you have experience of buying from the Birmingham store, is it worth going there over ordering online? Also will I be able to purchase a luggage tag from there?

  2. The stock can be quite variable there in my experience as the store is on the small side. Just something to bear in mind. You can always order online after the fact if they don't have what you want as visiting the store is part of the fun IMO!

    RE the luggage tag, it recently took me over 4 weeks to get my hands on a tag from this store... I go in most weeks and several of the SAs 'know' me by sight. I was legitimately after this as a replacement for my Keepall which I lost - and they did check on my account for proof that I owned the bag. Therefore I wouldn't venture forth you want it for something other than a Keepall!

    All the SAs are lovely and very helpful, but it can get very crowded so I'd try to go in earlier in the day rather than later.

  3. I was in there yesterday and they have the neverfulls in all sizes but no luggage tags. I find the SAs very helpful and friendly

    Have a great time
  4. This is my closest store and I've been a few times in the last 6 months. Like others say small compared to London stores but very helpful and attentive SA's in my experience. Hope you get what you're looking for and have fun
  5. Unfortunately I seem to of had not so pleasant experiences in the Birmingham store. If they are quiet-they never have what I want in stock (it is a small store) and if they are busy you can waiting ages to be served. I've ways found the London stores to be much better!
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    I haven't been in the Birmingham store for a good year, but from what I remember it's best to go early (just as it opens!) because it can get very crowded very quickly. It's a very small shop, but I've always recieved decent customer service :smile:

    They seem to cycle through SA's quite quickly, too. The time this becomes an issue is Christmas/holidays, because they (seem to) employ a lot of temporary staff who are very friendly but a bit frazzled .... think being served and then left for 20 minutes before you pay (!) and then leaving the 'tag' inside the purse so you bleep on the door (!!!) embarassing!! :-s

    ... but as it's April I'm sure you'll be fine :biggrin:

    Edit: you may also want to check out Designer Exchange in Great Western Arcade, for preloved LV's (not sure if this is allowed? will delete if so!)
  7. Thank you for your comments, they have been really helpful. I've called LV and they said they have plenty of stock for the style and colour I am after so fingers crossed. As I'm unlikely to get a luggage tag, I'm debating hot stamping my initials on the bag.
  8. Forgot to say I'm really looking forward to it!
  9. Hi! I was just wondering, how did you find your experience at the Birmingham store? I'm planning on buying the Neverfull in ether GM or MM but I'm not sure yet:confused1: if you don't mind me asking how was the experience? Thanks!
    Sophie xx
  10. They’ve opened a new store inside Selfridges now