LV Bikini .... ooooooooo my god.....

  1. It kind of looks like the model is a guy :huh:
    Fakes :sick::sick::sick:
  2. :yucky: :lol:
  3. The only word to describe it is TACKY.
  4. Ummm, what are you doing in iOffer in the 1st place anyway? :hrmm:
  5. you're seem suprised by this bikini. On the e.u. eBay site is see tons of them everyday....JAK
  6. you are dutch?? Welkom op het tassen junkie's forum ;)
  7. i went to ioffer to look for a funny Vuitton link to place here...
    Hoi Sabine, im half dutch ..!!! ik spreek en beije nederlands.. ;0)
  8. Ha ha It does look like a boy's tuckas:sick:
  9. What's the other half? I hope you love this forum i know i do. Thanks for posting the link!
  10. OMG, it's terrible!!!!
  11. That's way ridiculous! ioffer sucks (duh!)
  12. the other half is spanish :rolleyes:
  13. LOLOLOL!
  14. :shocked: *slowly backs away from the screen and hides*
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