LV bible usual price??

  1. I went to chinatown in Montreal this weekend and found at a little boutique that had Louis Vuitton magazines(the LV bible lol)in chinese...the ones that show pictures of almost every model,and the prices where like 20$ to 30$ for each magazine.

    Are the prices right and where do you usualy get those magasines?Im not sure if it's a dumb question but can you find them at Chapters in the magazine section lol??

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  2. please guys??
  3. can't find LV magazines in Chapters or anything. Trust me, I've looked but the only LV book is the Birth of Modern Luxury book.

    Are you sure those mags are in Chinese? They may very well be in Japanese, since they publish more mags like that in Japan...I have two on the way from my Cousin in Hong Kong and they're both in Japanese.

    BTW, $20 would be a reasonable price. It's much more expensive on eBay and I don't even know where you would find these other than Chinatown or actually getting someone from Hong Kong/Japan to send them to you.
  4. yeah i think it was then japanese..but i think im gonna get one anyways
  5. i bought one that was in chinese for 30 dollars CAD...and i lost it...OMG i think someone might have stole it lol
  6. The catalogs I've bought were like $15 in a Japanese store, and they also sell books where consginment store advetise their products (pretty extensively, lots of pics) and those are about $6
  7. I bought a few of them on ebay. A portion of the text is in English. I love those books because they show the colors of different lines (Epi, Vermis, etc) and what years certain colors came out. They also show the limited editions and what year each one came out. I paid about $4. for each one with $1 shipping (very slow shipping - like 10 days?)
  8. ^^I have that one. It's in Chinese and it's pretty small, not really a "bible" like the other Japanese ones I have. That one only shows select pieces from select lines whereas the Japanese Bibles show the complete Cherry Blossom or all MC pieces in addition to a bunch of other lines :yes:
  9. I bought some in HK, and they are pretty pricey even from bookstores, I was really surprised.
  10. Any type of book in Hong Kong, especially from the bookstores, are expensive.
  11. I thought they would be espensive cause they're not that easy to get.
    I've never seen on IRL but want to get one just to have a look.
  12. Depends on the size. Ebay uk tends to go with 6,99 pounds to 12,99 to even more.
  13. well im going in about 1 hour to buy one