LV Beverly for my wife

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  1. To be honest with you~ I think this listing was stolen. I have been watching Beverly's on eBay and someone else had these EXACT same pics listed. Then this one showed up. The fist auction went POOF! and this was was left. I would stay away...that is my advice.
  2. Same here.

    If it's a gift for your wife, I'd buy it brand new from the store just to be safe.
  3. ^^^Agree with Karman - since it's a gift it would probably mean more to your wife if it came from LV. You're very sweet and your wife is lucky to have you.
  4. I would hold off and fine another one.
  5. Hi - I responded on the authentication board but wanted to add it here - NEVER spend that kind of money buying from someone with ZERO feedback - they have nothing to lose by scamming you - too big of a risk =)
  6. If its a gift for you wife I also encourage you to buy it new from the Louis Vuitton boutique. If you can't get to the boutique go to
  7. Zero feedback, not a good sign.
  8. I agree. I wouldn't take a chance on a gift. I would either go to the boutique or buy on eluxury. Eluxury still has free shipping.
  9. I agree. Buy it from the boutique. Nothing compares to taking the box out of that big brown shopping bag, opening the box, then taking the beautiful purse out of dust bag. :p
  10. Please post all authenticity questions in the Authenticate This LV thread. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.