LV @ Bev Center still has Vernis Hearts and Cosmetic cases!

  1. FYI to all the SoCal tpf-ers...I was at the Beverly Center LV last night and one of the SAs told me they still had 2 amarante hearts and 1 violette heart. Also saw the cosmetic case in pomme & amarante on display...:smile:
  2. :wtf:thanks for the great info!
  3. Thanks!!! I might give them a call!!
  4. Thank you!! I'm tempted to get the Amarante heart!
  5. My store had the Violette case and I returned a Pomme, and they had a Violette heart too.
  6. Oh I would love a violette heart! Thanks for sharing!
  7. I had the amarante heart and returned it.....those darn fingerprints drove me crazy!!!
  8. Thanks I will be there on Sat for our TPF meet. I hope they still have some.